Study MBBS in Poland for Indian Students

Poland is one of the few major study destinations abroad that has a long history to prove its quality education. Especially when it comes to studying Medicine in other countries, Poland is one of the most preferred abroad destinations for Indian students.

An Indian student who completes the 6-year MBBS degree within Poland has multiple options to pursue a great medical career ahead as they can fly back to India and continue for higher studies or even start practicing or they can also settle down in Poland itself and can also move to any European country for their higher studies or practice.

Poland offers extremely versatile career options for every student and every university in Poland enrolls at least 500 International students without any entrance exam. If you want to study in Poland, you just need to have a good academic track record and passion to follow.

The top three universities in Poland are the Medical University of Warsaw, Gdansk Medical University and Poznan University of Medical Science. The Overall educational cost in Poland is very cheaper than the other European Counterparts

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