Bashkir State Medical University ( Universe Education )

This university holds an important place in medical and pharmaceutical sciences education in Russia. In the past, it has successfully trained specialists in the field of medical and pharmaceutical education. With good representation at the international events in different fields of natural sciences, this university has open doors students from all over the world. You will get great opportunities and international cooperation in educational and innovative work at affordable cost.


Mari State Medical University ( Universe Education )

This university was established is a non-profit public institution to give free education to all the willing students who want to study medicine. It is now ranked among the top medical universities with active participation in Russian Education Associations. Undoubtedly the quality of education in meets European standards thanks to its international curriculum and well-equipped classrooms and laboratories with modern infrastructure and technology.


Altai State Medical University ( Universe Education )

One of the best medical universities known for providing high-quality training and education. Currently, this University has six faculties in medicine including General Medicine, Pharmacy, Advanced Nursing. Every year approximately 5000 students including international students pass out from postgraduates, undergraduate or other medical programs.


Barnaul City, Altai Region, Russia ( Universe Education )

The University has an extensive academic structure with 20 faculties working together to provide quality education through Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes in English. The excellent teaching technique and modern teaching equipment’s with pleasant environment makes it an ideal institution. It works continuously to solve medical problems of international and national significance.


Volgograd State Medical University ( Universe Education )

One of the highest rank holder among Russian medical universities. This university has a good reputation for its qualified staff who imparts knowledgeable experience among all students. It has 66 academic programs with a maximum of Indian students 900 international students and other foreign countries.

Kazan State Medical University ( Universe Education )

One of the renowned institutions with thousands of Indians as students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The multifunctional and multileveled system of higher education trains more than 24000 students each year. A large section of foreign student study here in English language and get certified with medical degrees recognized by World Health Organization (WHO)and by the Medical Council of India.

Voronezh State Medical University ( Universe Education )

The academy has a well established 29 hospitals and a network of polyclinics used by all the medical students for gaining exposure and practical skills. Also for international students studying here gets a tutor, who follows academic progress, personal problems, arranges regular meetings to tackle any problem faced by their students. English is the language of instruction with the concurrent study of the Russian Language.

St. Petersburg State Medical University ( Universe Education )

It was the first institution both in Russia and Europe that provided an opportunity for women to acquire higher medical education. Academy has become one of the leading medical centers in the country. Since the inception, it has adopted, as its main principle, a unique teaching methodology, which is based on a combination of the best Russian medical educational traditions with methods of Western Education System.

Orenburg State Medical ( Universe Education )

This academy has eight departments for all the students and other preliminary courses. The academy organizes internships, residency for all the outsider's students, post-graduate coaching if required. This university has 3 theoretical building where students get medical expertise and learning.

Smolensk State Medical University ( Universe Education )

A fully licensed institute for medical and science degree. Here each student gets to experience training, research and preventive activities so that they can practice those skills even overseas. Also, it is the leading health care institution with over 450 professors to train students in General Medicine, Dentistry, Children’s Diseases, and Nursing.

Orel State University ( Universe Education )

This University is a member of the classical universities of the Russian Federation. Also, this institution provides all students higher and postgraduate education, training, retraining. All the professions get trained in 110 basic educational programs of Russian medical education. Poland