Study MBBS in Germany for Indian Students

Germany is known for offering its MBBS course FREE of cost, yes! FREE of cost but the only thing they ask for is proper knowledge of German Language and some other small formalities by German government.

The education level of German Medical Universities is really unbeatable and really high in comparison to other European Universities. MBBS from a German University is highly appreciable and recognized worldwide as German Universities are really popular for their world- class infrastructure, high equipment and technology, high standard of education and healthy atmosphere for the students.

They are also recognized by the highest Medical Organizations of the world like World Health Organization, United Nation Organization and Medical Council of India. MBBS in Germany will offer the students many great opportunities while learning and completing the course.

Moreover you can earn around 20- 30 Euros as an Intern in one year and the overall living and studying expenses in Germany are really affordable specially the campus accommodation’s for International students are really low. The top universities in Germany are Munster University, Lubeck University, Wurzburg University, Magdeburg University, Tubingen University, etc.

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