The MBBS ouncultant in India provides approval to 45 Universities in China to Study Medicine Courses for Indian Students. China is one of the favourite study destination for Medicine by Indian Students.

Each year the medical consultant in China set aside a particular number of seats for International students, the count can be from 100 to 300 per year in some universities and for Indian Students, there are around 100 seats for MBBS in CHINA in the universities selected by Medical Council of India .

Eligibility to join Medicine Degree in China is really simple and straightforward yet not many are able to cross it also many universities require around 75% marks in higher secondary examinations. Fees structure for MBBS in China is really low and also the lifestyle, food, travel and living cost in China for Indian Students is also really affordable.

Having a medicine degree from China gets a worldwide recognition and the students don’t face many difficulties in getting a good internship or job. Some of the top universities for MBBS in China are China Medical University, China Medical University, Jilin University, South East University and Nanjing Medical University.

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