Heidelberg University ( Univers Education )

With an excellent department of Medicine and good education and research, this institution has overcome major medical challenges faced by the country. Now it has established a central institution that deals with research and promotion related to science issues. The vivid and interactive environment makes it ideal for international students to study here.

Rwth Aachen University ( Univers Education )

Founded in 1966, it has now nine different faculties in the field of Medicine. Along with that, it has well-established clinics, research facilities, lecture halls etc to practice medicine.

The University of Freiburg ( Univers Education )

It has a good reputation of education in the field of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. With over 11 faculties students come from all parts of the world to get quality education and expertise. The university imparts science and clinical knowledge to survive with the newest medical expertise and treatments. Also, it encourages each student to be a part of new research and development taking place in the university.

Leipzig University ( Univers Education )

The second oldest university famous for Medicine and dentistry. This educational institution operates closely with the Leipzig Hospital making it among the greatest medical institutions in Germany. With the motto of teaching and healing as a tradition of innovation, it welcomes all students to excel in practice and medical education.

Munster University ( Univers Education )

With a long tradition of history, this institution has seven facilities with 15 departments offering 250 courses. Also, it has around 400 partners with various academic institutions all around the world.

Wurzburg University ( Univers Education )

Established 4 decades ago this University hosts a modern library, a new campus, and several research institutes. With a great reputation, it has now 25.000 students which pass out every year with around 1000 international students from all across the globe.

Tubingen University ( Univers Education )

One of the oldest classical Universities which is internationally recognized for its courses in medicine, natural sciences, and humanities. The Medical department has well established clinics for everyday practice, scientific institutes and the theoretical facilities for easy learning makes it a good medical training institute.