Shota Rustaveli State University ( Univers Education )

It is an important educational institute with a long history. It offers a range of programs with over 42 vocational, 43 Bachelor’s, 23 Master’s, programs. The University keeps on working to develop and meet the modern requirements. With close partnership relations with higher educational institutions, this academic has a lot of exchange programs in different countries of the world.

New Vision University ( Univers Education )

The degree given by this university is well recognized and it is meant to boost the career of each aspirant. The students get a friendly environment to live and study. Each year it welcomes more than 400 students to from 180 different countries. Students can stay in either University with full accommodation.

IvaneJavakhishvili Tbilisi State University ( Univers Education )

This university meets all the European standard with world-class standards. It offers a lot of streams both in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Innovative programs and the best faculty work together with wonderful student community to make most of it.

European Teaching University ( Univers Education )

Following the European high standard teaching, this University of Georgia offers medical programs from every part of the world. The Europeans teaching and academic rules are strictly follows here in medical sciences streams in both post and undergraduate programs. The practical learning and well equipped theoretical knowledge attract many students here.

David Tvildiani Medical University ( Univers Education )

One of the best in Georgia for medical science studies. This university provides quality educational programs in the best functional and physical environment. Especially for MBBS students, there is flexibility, atmosphere, safety, aesthetic, classroom, and technology for foreign students. This university welcomes students from all across the world under their assistance to seek admission.